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What Do We Do



1.  THE PLOUGH GARDENThis is where we grow fruit and vegetables which can be used to help feed our animals. Our visitors help out with the growing, weeding, watering and harvesting. Have a look in the polytunnel to see what we are growing.

2. THE AVIARY: There are usually only a couple of chickens in here. This is where they come to if they are unwell or need to have a rest.

3. THE PIG GARDEN - PEARL: Black Pearl - she can't see very well as her big floppy ears cover over her eyes. She loves to have her ears rubbed.

4. THE PIG GARDEN - PEPPA: Black and White Peppa loves to lounge in her house, but will always come out for an ear rub.

5. CHICKENS, DUCKS & TURKEYS: The chickens and ducks all live together quite happily. The ducks love paddling in their pond. Our two turkeys are Rosemary and Mistletoe

6. THE WARREN: This is our new rabbit and guinea pig home - coming soon!!

7. THE SENSORY GARDEN: There are lots of plants that smell  nice in here.  Also things hanging on the branches that you might like to jangle.

8. THE FIELDS: Our animals move around in the fields. What can you see today?

9. THE RIDING ARENA: When there is no horse riding, you will very often find some of our horses, donkeys or miniature ponies spending time in the riding arena.

10. THE STABLESWho can you see in the stables today



We address the considerable benefits to be had through increased physical activity and contact with animals and plants.

It is possible for people to not only derive considerable proven therapeutic benefit but also to develop skills, get education, get work experience and reach personal targets with a sense of personal achievement in so doing.

The charity welcomes visitors and those wanting to take part in activities from 5 years of age with all types of disability and special needs.


Want to visit or take part in an activity?

All visits and activities are pre-booked by email to:

We are Covid-19 secure compliant 

Visitors are welcomed to enjoy the proven benefits of being close to our 45+ animals.

Maybe watch the horse riding or stroll through the purpose built raised vegetable and plant gardens.

Enjoy the Sensory Garden or explore the Nature Area which is bordered by the River Colne and The Duke of Northumberland River.  

Email: for free registration



Horse riding lessons, animal care and management, gardening and horticulture, tailored to suit individual needs and abilities.

No matter what a persons ability there is always an activity that can be participated in and enjoyed at the Centre.  

With the exception of horse riding, we do not charge for any of our services.

Email: for free registration





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